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Steven Coltart, a versatile audio lead offering memorable music, authentic sound designs and in-engine implementation.

2017: Original scores for ‘Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier’‘Ascendance’.  2018: ‘Breathe’ (NATURE) & ‘The Beautiful Game’ (SPORT) albums now available via Warner/ Chappell Production Music.

Apple Music
Planet of the Apes Last Frontier
Planet of the Apes Last Frontier
Audio Lead for Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier, providing both creative and technical expertise for the department. Working across full production - in addition to composing all music the responsibilities included Foley, sound design, environment location recordings and in-engine stem implementation. Pre-production audio guides, workflow concept/ delivery, audio system vision/ development, mixing and overall audio quality control were all part of the role. “Creating something new whilst staying loyal to a franchise’s roots is easier said than done…It has found its way to being one of my most important scores that I’ve come across” by The Independent.
Last Frontier
Toms Burial
Truth Revealed
Downward Available on Amazon Prime 2018
Downward Available on Amazon Prime 2018
Downward - A soldier's widow desperately searches for her husband's body and is forced to solicit help from a bio-engineered warrior who is somehow connected to his death. Available on Amazon Prime from summer 2018.

The Search
The Fallen
I'm Coming With You
Downward Main Theme
Claires Chance
Beautiful, emotive music for vision flying over scenery. Five tracks (with stings/ alts) bespoke composed for TV. 'Aerial' will be available later this year (2018) from Adrenalin Sounds. You can hear three demos via the links on the right.
Time to fly
The Beautiful Game World Cup 2018 TV Music
The Beautiful Game World Cup 2018 TV Music
Eight sport themed tracks (with stings/ alts) bespoke composed for intended FIFA World Cup Russia™ coverage. 'The Beautiful Game' is available now from Warner/ Chappell Production Music in America, and Adrenalin Sounds. Immerse yourself in the soundtrack for the next sporting epic with modern beats mixed with powerful synths and orchestral instruments.

Tunnel Vision
BREATHE Nature TV Music
BREATHE Nature TV Music
A gentle poignant orchestral album idea for underwater, planets, environmental documentaries and factual content. Ten tracks (with stings/ alts) bespoke composed for nature themed TV. 'Breathe' is available now from Warner/ Chappell Production Music in America, and Adrenalin Sounds.
Lost Souls
Disappearing World
Beautiful Adventure
Into Light
Into Light
Audio lead, Composer and Sound Designer for Into Light - a visual puzzle game wrapped inside an interactive narrative. An old man explains how he escaped a mysterious labyrinth, exploring fantastic caverns, whilst avoiding the perils of the darkness as he journeys towards the light and his eventual freedom. A highly emotional soundtrack, based around a mix both both live and virtual piano, cello and choral elements, and implemented into the Unity engine. The music from this project received worldwide recognition as a winner in the 8Dio Stand Out Composing Contest. What the judges said, “Sometimes it is about getting down to the essence of music. Is there anything more soothing than a great sounding piano and delicate solo voice? Just absolutely drop dead gorgeous. The composition is such a balanced piece between virtual and live usage of instruments”.
Be Calm
Keep Moving
The Walk
Original musical score. A super-soldier is hired by a corporation to track down a deadly, yet mysterious adversary. Filmed in New Zealand, produced in Los Angeles, and scored in England. The official soundtrack album was released on Apple Music, January 2018.
Graveyard & Campfire
Entering the Building
Ending Part 1
Ending Part 2
The Canister
The Canister
A World War two influenced film detailing a young woman’s journey through war torn Eastern Europe, and the mysterious metal canister she refuses to leave behind.
War Torn
Original music for horror feature length film American Beast (previously Solitude), distributed in America by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Synopsis: After his mothers death, James Erikson discovers her old storage locker filled with journals and newspapers of his family’s history. As he researches it, he finds out about the evil that his family has tried to contain for several generations, beginning in 1939 on a mysterious piece of property in a small town called Solitude.
Birth of a Monster
Production Music
Production Music
Previous albums 'Transcendent’ (EPIC), and ‘In Slow E-Motion’ (EMOTIONAL) for Adrenalin are also placed within the Warner/ Chappell Production Music Library. High profile syncs include 'The Prophecy' being part of Univisions 2017 Latin GRAMMY® Total Access Awards show, which had 8 million viewers, and credits across ESPN, BBC and Foxtel.

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"Thanks for your amazing contribution to the project, we could not have done it without you"
Martin Alltimes, Imaginati CEO - Planet of The Apes: Last Frontier
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