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The Repopulation: End of December 2013 Update

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We say goodbye to December and 2013, and now turn our sights on what should be a great year for The Repopulation. We are very excited about the upcoming year, and the ability to start bringing in larger number of players to Alpha 3 and Beta Preview weekends starting in March. While we still have a ways to go we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that is encouraging.

December was an eventful month for The Repopulation. We launched a Kickstarter Stretch Goal Campaign, and a Steam Greenlight Campaign, and are happy to say that both are doing very well so far. It only took us 7 days to reach the top ten, thanks largely in part to receiving 83% yes votes so far. Meanwhile the Kickstarter Campaign is currently 78% of the way to the initial goal after just six full days. We’d like to thank everyone who has supported these campaigns. It’s drawing new exposure to the game and should be very beneficial to both us and the players.

On New Years Eve co-lead developer Joshua Halls did a 2 hour Q&A on Twitch over weapon and armor types as well as many other questions pertaining to other aspects of the game. You can check out the recording of the event or join us live at 8 PM CST on Friday, January 3 for new game play footage. Once the initial footage and information is covered we will open the broadcast for questions from anyone present. We plan on conducting a handful of interviews over the next few weeks and are always looking to add a few more if anyone is interested.

Development wise, we continue along the same path as the past couple months, focusing most of our efforts on bug fixes, content and polish. The FPR received increased attention. The Calendar and Weather systems also received a number improvements. These changes allow for season, date, or weather changes to activate missions, engagements, or trigger world events. The weather has also been adjusted throughout the world and is now more greatly affected by seasons.

We are very happy with the direction this game is moving in currently, and look forward to making 2014 a great year. Happy New Year everyone!

The Repopulation MMORPG: A Progress Update

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The Repopulation MMORPG continues to gather pace. JC, Joshua and the team are creating something really special and as their lead composer I am really looking forward to everyone hearing my OST. I will be posting Joshua Halls monthly blogs so that you can keep updated with all the latest developments, but you can also visit the games dedicate website here, and follow via Twitter Tweets by @therepopulation

The Repopulation:  November 2013

Our focus remains polishing the game and getting it ready for beta testing. Similar to last month, this resulted in a large number of bug fixes and minor tweaks. But as is generally the case, we squeezed in some new features along with them. Let’s take a look at the most important additions this month.

Structure placement in the housing and nation systems received a significant upgrade with a new Structure Placement UI allowing objects to be scaled and rotated. Along with full control over the objects, you can also copy/paste/reset the objects rotation and scale values making it easier to quickly place a bunch of objects at the exact scale and rotation needed. We should have a feature video out very soon featuring the new updates in the system so stay tuned for that.

A new calendar system was introduced. You can mouse over a new icon on your minimap to see the time and date, in both local time and in game time. The calendar system is tied in to many of the games systems, allowing us to have special events which are fixed during certain seasons, or date ranges. You can expect to hear more about these events and features in future updates.

We expanded the inquiry system so that with some Diplomacy skill you can now obtain information on an NPC’s current dilemmas or the cause of those dilemmas. This allows you to inquire with NPCs and find out who caused their current predicament if it was another player or NPC and the name of the cause. This can be used for hidden inquiry or mission opportunities.

Combat balance was under the microscope this month, with most of the weapon types in the game receiving significant balance related tweaks. We also implemented a new optional recoil system for players who enjoy their screen shakes.

We also pushed a bit further into world development. Many new contested (PvP enabled) areas were introduced, along with quite a few new locations which allow cities to be constructed. The FPR faction also received a large tutorial revamp to bring them in line with recent changes that OWON has undergone.


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