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17 tracks completed for iOS platform adventure game

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January and February 2014 has seen me working on 17 original tracks for a soon to be released iOS adventure game. Blacky Catty Adventure is a 2D platformer for iOS with touch-base features. The game takes the player through a variety of 20 colourful levels of varied theme and design.

“I couldn’t wait to hire Steven as my lead composer when I first noticed his music on Unity3d.com.
He has created over 17 tracks for my mobile side-scrolling platform game, each one unique and of the highest quality. Steven’s turnaround time is exceptionally fast and his passion and commitment was outstanding from start to finish. Listen to his music, it speaks for itself, I can not recommended a more professional person.” Ryan Hayle

Downward Film: Shoot Stills and Blue Realm Studios Video

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Downward Update: I will be continuing composing the musical score in the coming weeks, with a completion of end of March 2014. Below are a few shoot stills and a behind the scenes video of how Blue Realm Studios (other projects including Halo, The Guild) showing how the film is progressing. The first TRAILER is also coming soon. Into the Dragoon Universe we go and stay tuned for more updates!

Shoot Stills:



(Video) Blue Realm Studios bring the Dragoon Armour to Life:


"Thanks for your amazing contribution to the project, we could not have done it without you"
Martin Alltimes, Imaginati CEO - Planet of The Apes: Last Frontier
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