Steven Coltart

Steven is currently working as Audio Lead for The Imaginati Studios, a British game developer based in historic Ealing Film Studios, London.  In addition to composing all music, Steven is responsible for original Foley, sound design, environment location recordings and in-engine implementation for an upcoming Console/ PC game release based on The Planet of the Apes franchise. Working across full production, the role also includes pre-production audio guides, workflow concept/ delivery, audio system vision/ development, mixing, overall audio quality control and management.  

Other projects include ‘Into Light’, which featured on the front page of the App Store under “Best New Games”, ‘Outer Empires’ the first MMO game of its kind created for iOS, lead composer for MMORPG ‘The Repopulation’, an original soundtrack for feature length Horror ‘American Beast’ distributed in America by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, production music being aired around the world including TV placements on BBC First and Foxtel, plus many more!  ‘Outer Empires’ went on to sell over 200,000 copies, boasting the largest ever network of players on a mobile device at that time.

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