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Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier – IGN Announcement

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Role Overview

Very pleased to announce that since March 2016 I have been working as Audio Lead, Music Composer and Sound Designer on Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier for The Imaginati Studios. A British game developer based in historic Ealing Film Studios, West London. Our mission is to challenge how narrative is treated in video games, find new ways to tell stories and, in the process, raise the bar for writing, cinema and performance within games.  A few videos out on IGN today, and nearing 100,000 views already!

Using my experience in all phases of audio design and production, responsibilities on this title include the creation of the full music soundtrack, original Foley, sound design, environment location recordings, mixing and in-engine implementation.

Key Responsibilities:

– Composing, producing all music for the game

– Capturing authentic environmental location recordings for use as ambiences.

– Foley, i.e. coats, movements for all characters.

– Creative sound design that’s in line with the goals and vision of the title.

– Technical implementation of mixed audio stems into game engine.

– Mixing of all audio assets alongside post-produced dialogue.

– Clear communication and collaboration with the overall game development team, i.e. audio, art, code, design, production.

Audio system vision/ testing.

– Audio quality control via passes and reviews.

– Defining of audio deliverables via an agreed delivery schedule.

8Dio Stand Out Composing Contest Prize Winner

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Very pleased to announce that I have been selected as a winner in this years 8Dio Stand-Out composing contest.

8DIO WINNERWhat the judges said:

… Sometimes it is about getting down to the essence of music. Is there anything more soothing than a great sounding piano and delicate solo voice? Just absolutely drop dead gorgeous. The composition is such a balanced piece between virtual and live usage of instruments. What incredible times we live in. This piece really shows what happens when you put the right instrument in the right hands of a composer. Brilliant piece!”

Sci-Fi Game Starsmashers has been Steam Greenlit!

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Starsmashers, featuring my music and sound design has been Greenlit on Steam!

You are Captain Carter, of the Space Beagle. Ahead lies an army lead by the scumbag Kaldor Seth, he will obliterate all who oppose him in his pursuit of power. Carefully manage your ships weapons and defenses to bring your enemies to their knees!

A take on traditional turn-based RPGs that cuts out the middle man and focuses on what we all love best – high octane turn-based combat!

Visual ship upgrades that enhance the Space Beagles survivability and strength. Leveling up and using skill points to increase the effectiveness and defense of each ship system. Travel across galaxies witnessing first hand the wake of Kaldor Seths ruthless onslaught…

You will have access to various weapon and auxiliary types that can be effective or ineffective against certain enemy systems. Choose your load-out carefully to defend against multiple enemy classes each with their own behaviours and personality. Pirates are cowards that can utilise cloaking fields to avoid damage, while Bounty Hunters will use an array of tech to boost their efficiency!

"Thanks for your amazing contribution to the project, we could not have done it without you"
Martin Alltimes, Imaginati CEO - Planet of The Apes: Last Frontier
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