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A bespoke score is currently in production for the next Dragoon Film, Downward. You can hear two early audio thematic demos via my Soundcloud, Fleeing From Pulsar The Guardian & The Search


A soldier’s widow desperately searches for her husband’s body and is forced to solicit help from a bio-engineered warrior who is somehow connected to his death.


The film focuses on Claire, the wife of a human soldier who enlisted to fight alongside the Dragoons. When he is killed in a skirmish by insurgents, Claire is informed that his body is unrecoverable due to its location. Unwilling to accept this she desperately searches for a way to find his remains, even going so far as to enlist the help of a Dragoon to guide her through the warzone to the location of the battle.


A 20 minute short film, Downward will be used as an entry point into this vast and complex world. You can learn more about the film and its associated world by clicking the image below:

Downward - Learn More

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