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A bespoke musical score is currently in production for detective film, The Kidnapping. Audio demos will be coming mid November, however, in the meantime here are some basic details about the project:

Logline: When a failing detective is tricked into taking a case that he feels is below him, Darren must find a way to find a rich woman’s dog so he can save his career as a Detective.

Plot: Darren Vance, Detective, is tricked by his Assistant Kay, business woman and lover of money, to the take Claire Foster, overly obsessed and loving of her dog Rachel, when Rachel is kidnapped. Her young daughter, femme fatal, Daisy returns home and begs Darren to take the case. Finally deciding that his reputation needs a comeback, Darren takes the case: but is it the gardener, the photographer, the rival family the Smiggens, or could it be Claire herself who needs the insurance money. Darren follows the clues only to find the plot is more complicated than it seems and that sometimes it’s the little things that crack the case.

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